XV1 Nutrition 666 Resurrection Pre Workout

XV1 Nutrition 666 Resurrection Pre Workout


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– clinically effective dosage
– Fruity flavours
-Long lasting energy surplus
-Enhances your performance
-30 servings (20g per serving)
 [ The Facts ]
“Pre-Workouts” are formulated to
Energise, Increase endurance and Maximise strength out put with out a sudden
crash in energy.
 In the past there have been companies manufacturing Pre-Workouts that delivered the 4 key factors mentioned.
Unfortunately the majority of the previous “Pre-Workouts” that actually worked! Were found to contain banned dangerous substances such as:
DMAA (dimethylamylamine)
Since then, there has been many Pre-workout formulas that only deliver one effect. The PLACEBO EFFECT.
What is the “ PLACEBO EFFECT’”
The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon in which some people may experience, a benefit after the administration of a product which has no proven formula.
In other words you may think a product is working, however it is all in your head.
The unbiased truth is most “Pre-workouts” products do have ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. However, to cut cost and maximise profits other companies keep expensive and complex ingredients at a bare minimum. Cheaper ingredients and fillers are what make up the majority of the under dose servings.
[ Why choose 666 RESURRECTION ? ]
• Proven formula
•No banned substances
•Awesome taste
•Increased pumped
•Long lasting energy surplus
•Made in the uk 🇬🇧
Directions for use:
Mix 1 level scoop (20g) to 250ml of water and drink 15-20minutes before training.
Serving size can be halved for amateurs.

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Exotic Lemon, Tropical Raspberry, Blue Raspberry


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