The Skinny Food Chocolate Chip *Flapjack* Mix

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We’ve put together a comprehensive bakery collection to enable you to enjoy your favourite baked goods that you may normally avoid due to high sugar/calorie content. The Chocolate Chip Flapjacks are only 100 calories each and a great source of protein and fibre. Using only 100% natural flavours and colours and zero palm oil you are sure to be in for a treat with these delicious low sugar Muffins. For just £4.99 enjoy 9 delicious bars thats only 55p per Flapjack. Or save 10% by subscribing to this product individually.

Want to try the full collection? For just £19.99 (Saving £4.96) you can enjoy 1 of each of the following; Brownie Mix, Banana Cake Mix, Choc Chip Cookie Mix, Muffin Mix, Flapjack Mix.


Why should you consider purchasing this product?

– Low Calorie (100 calories per flapjack)
– Low Sugar (0.4g sugar per flapjack)
– Source of Protein (4g protein per flapjack)
– High Fibre (3.8g fibre per flapjack)
– 100% Natural Flavours & Colours
– Palm Oil Free
– Soy Free
– Vegetarian Friendly
– Gluten-Free


The Skinny Food


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