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Drink our Cocktail mixes without the guilt!

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Product Description

The Skinny Mix Lifestyle

You love relaxing by the pool, sipping an ice cold Pina Colada on a warm summer day. You enjoy a comfortable couch, a great movie and a big bowl of crunchy popcorn. You revel in having friends over for a big pitcher of frosty Margaritas. And you never know regrets, because Skinny Mixes lets you indulge in delicious, guilt-free treats that are healthy and low calorie. Enjoy your lifestyle without compromising flavor, fun or convenience.

Made from premium ingredients and sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), Jordan’s Skinny Mixes allow you to enjoy Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Appletinis, and Cosmopolitans that are full of flavor, but without the calories that traditional mixes contain. Our Skinny Syrups taste great in coffee, tea, lattes, smoothies, cappuccino and hot cocoa, and feature sugar-free, no-calorie versions.

Great Flavors, Zero Guilt

Imagine sipping an ice cold Daiquiri and munching on popcorn, listening to your friends complain about their current gluten-free, sugar-free diet, bland food and no choices. You just nod. Thanks to Jordan’s Skinny Mixes and Syrups, you can afford to indulge. All-natural? Kosher? Sugar-free? No GMO? Low carbs? Skinny Mixes has you covered.

Live in the moment. Be bold! Enjoy what you love, and forget about the guilt. Explore all of the refreshing and delightful products offered by Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. Sample an old favorite, or try something brand new. We think you’ll be wowed by our great selection of drink mixes, flavored syrups and savory snacks, coupled with great prices and our commitment to world class customer service. Kick up your heels, and see for yourself why everyone’s talking about Jordan’s Skinny Mixes!


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