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Assists in lean muscle growth & maintenance.

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Product Description

Dedicated Fusion Pro- 4lbs


Dedicated Nutrition Fusion Pro contains a blend of fast- and slow-release proteins to provide both immediate and sustained synthesis. Whey’s high leucine-based amino acid profile delivers powerful muscle building boost throughout the first 90 minutes, at which point the milk protein picks up where it has left off, keeping your amino acid levels up for eight hours to aid muscle building and recovery during the day and while you are asleep.


Take one to four servings of Dedicated Nutrition Fusion Pro throughout the day, particularly after waking up, between meals, after working out and before going to bed. This is fine to take year round unless you want an extra low calorie, low carb protein when dieting.


Fusion Pro is the perfect protein blend for anyone looking for a flexible product that will help them build muscle and maintain lean muscle mass. The transparent labelling makes it particularly suitable for those who like to know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies.


Dedicated Nutrition Fusion Pro is an excellent all-rounder, ideal if you’re looking for a versatile protein that is suitable for use day and night. Rather than hiding behind a proprietary blend, Dedicated Nutrition have fully disclosed their formula – and with the mix containing a selection of high quality ingredients without cheap fillers, it is clear that they have nothing to hide.

The product is sourced from grass fed cows, providing exceptional levels of healthy proteins such as peptides (recommended for burning fat, building muscle and improving athletic performance) and immunoglobulins (great for boosting immunity). To top everything off, it comes in a selection of tantalising flavours that have actually been developed by an ice cream company.

Altogether, this is a great choice for those looking for a simple but effective product to enhance lean muscle building.


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