Applied Nutrition Alpha Genesis

Applied Nutrition Alpha Genesis


Applied Nutrition Alpha Genesis 120 Tablets

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Applied Nutrition Alpha Genesis 120 Tablets

AlphaGenesis is all about the evolution of a natural anabolic into the ultimate combination. This is no ordinary product.

AlphaGenesis combines all of the major minerals involved in hormone management with research proven ingredients to ensure maximum androgenic activity. All of this is done in a completely natural but hugely effective way.

One of the major inclusions in AlphaGenesis is Na-M-DAA. This potent compound has been proven to have a major effect on the body’s ability to produce hormones involved in anabolism (tissue building).

Testosterone is naturally occurring in your body. Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone. AlphaGenesis includes the natural Seco-Steroid Cholecalciferol. Combined with Copper and Boron, these compounds ensure skeletal system health and assist your body with regulating anabolic hormones.

Other research proven ingredients include fenugreek, avena sativa and beta ecdysterone. These compounds all assist in the production of natural T and GH.


  • Proven ingredients to ensure maximum androgenicity
  • With Na-M-DAA, proven to boost anabolic hormones
  • Also with fenugreek, avena sative and beta ecdysterone


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